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Reserve Studies


Reserve studies are budgetary planning tools that identify the major components of a structure or condominium project that will require future repair or replacement, setting up a funding plan that will ensure adequate funds are available for planned expenditures.

At First American Valuation, we deal with income, expenses, cash flows, and budgetary requirements on a daily basis. For reserve studies we follow the Florida administrative code for condominiums and cooperatives. A Cash Flow Analysis Method is used to estimate reserve funding over a period of time which considers funding requirements, variable annual expenditures, interest income and inflationary increases in component replacement costs. Our experience, training and credentials ensure the highest quality reports and analysis.

Customer service and satisfaction are the primary objectives of our company and we do everything necessary to assure our clients are satisfied.

Our fees for a reserve study are lower than our competitors in most cases.
Obtaining and updating an accurate reserve study is imperative for HOAs to plan for the future upkeep an association and to protect the investment of the individual homeowners.

Please contact us today for a free reserve study proposal or with any questions regarding reserves

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